Joty Sikand, PsyD
Joty Sikand, PsyD has been at The Hume Center since 1997. She started at The Hume Center as a doctoral practicum student trainee after already holding two Masters degrees, one in counseling psychology and one in clinical psychology and specializations in organizational psychology and marriage, child and family therapy. She then quickly rose to be the Coordinator of Training and Prevention Services and, after a nationwide search, was made the President in 2004. She has created a fiscally responsible and stable agency, acquired over a dozen new contracts and started several new programs, including Mental Health Promotion and Prevention programs, Mental Health Consultation (MHC) training programs while also implementing Systems Integration amongst human service provider settings. She has inspired an agency where trainees grow tremendously and want to stay to continue their training and career.

Senior Management Team

Organizational Structure

The goal of The Hume Center is to implement the empowerment and enabling model of mental health administration to create a mutually supportive environment. It is very clear that people relate to people and not to abstract notions of organization. Therefore, the Board of Directors, the Management Team and Supervisory relationship is the cement that binds the organization together. To develop an effective working relationship the clarity of organization structures, procedures and processes is essential. These are described in our Administrative Procedural Manual.

Management Team Structure

The Hume Center structured its management structure to accomodate the expansion of the agency. The President is the facilitator of the Senior Management Team. The President and each Director set the agenda. The Senior Management Team practices participatory empowerment management under the leadership of the President. It is the executive decision-making body that runs the day-to-day operations of The Hume Center under the leadership of the President. The President is a liaison between the Board of Directors and this team. The team provides support to the Program representatives and the President. The Director then provide supervision and support to the Program Heads, Clinical Supervisors, and other staff in the programs in their supervision.

Senior Management Team

Joty Sikand, PsyD

Christopher Celio, PsyD
Director of Clinical Programs 

Brian Newton, PsyD
Director of Operations

Monica Sunzeri, BCBA

Christina Rosseti, PsyD

Priya Aslam, LPCC


Clinical Leadership Team
Includes Senior Management Team members plus

Leslie Miao, MA
Director of Compliance

Natasha Molony, PhD
Director of Training